• Murphy Beds - The solution to increasing sleep space without taking up space.

What's a Murphy Bed?

The wall bed or Murphy bed is a bed hinged at one end so it can be stored vertically in a cabinet, closet or against a wall.  It was invented by American William L. Murphy (1876-1959).  Murphy's creation became known as a Murphy bed, and the term was used so commonly so as to be determined ineligible for trademark protection.  The common usage of a Murphy bed is primarily as a space-saver, much like trundle beds. Murphy beds appeal to anyone looking to save space or make the most of limited space.

Need more sleep space? A Murphy Bed may be the answer.

A Murphy Bed makes it easy to multi-purpose a study, playroom or bonus room by adding extra sleeping space without taking up space..  During the day, you can use your space and function normally and then at night easily pull down the Murphy Bed and the room is instantly transformed into a bedroom. 

Murphy Bed Solutions starting as low as $1999.

Singer Kitchens offers 3 sizes of Murphy Beds: Twin, Full and Queen in a variety of colors.  Plus, we can customize your Murphy Bed installation to your needs by adding additional storage options including open shelves, drawers or hanging rods.

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