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2021 Design Trends Topping EVERYONE’S Wish Lists!

Over the past year, we’ve all been spending more time in the place we love the most, home.

We’ve also been updating our homes like never before.

In fact, in late summer 2020, Americans tipped off a surge of home improvement spending, at the height of quarantine. And this new drive toward renovation hasn’t shown signs of slowing down yet.

To say the least, we’re excited and keeping our eyes on new design trends like never before!

Our designers have worked closely with many Northshore & Southshore clients over the past year to conceptualize, design, and bring to life dream worthy kitchens, bathrooms, and closets.

You can see some of them in our project gallery.

We’ve seen new trends emerge and classic timeless trends re-emerge.

Here’s what we’re seeing in 2021.

Smart Storage Cabinetry Takes Priority

We’ve sung the praises of inventive kitchen storage solutions before, and this year, they’ve really taken off!

Some of our client favorites include deep kitchen drawers, the always-functional classic lazy susan, built-in home ‘command centers,’ tiered spice cabinets, utensil drawers, roll-out pantry trays, designated pet supply storage, and more.

These solutions will help tame your beloved things while keeping them easily accessible for daily use.

Soaring Kitchen Islands are Still a Must-Have

If there’s one kitchen trend that is consistently wished for and has been for decades, it’s the kitchen island.

Sure, textures and materials have changed over the years – quartz and marble are winning over granite as of late – but the idea has remained the same. One smooth & pristine catchall area that’s multipurpose.

It can handle cooking prep, daily meals, homework, work tasks, laundry folding, and even gift-wrapping, as one of our recent clients told us.

Multipurpose Rooms on the Rise

Speaking of multi-purpose, it’s no surprise that multi-functional rooms have become necessities. Our kids may be learning virtually, we might be working remotely, and we’re enjoying extracurricular activities we might have enjoyed elsewhere prior to 2020.

One way to create a great multipurpose space is by leveraging the power of the classic murphy bed. Also called wall beds, murphy beds make for an easy transformation of a home office, a homeschool room, a craft room, or a workout studio when you’re ready to welcome your guests.

Cool Muted Shades & Earthy Tones Still Reign in Color

When it comes to color, we’re seeing warm white shades, cool grays (the Pantone color of 2021!), and earthy tones still outshining the rest.

Our clients love to mix cool neutrals for walls, cabinets, and countertops – and add elements of mixed metal hardware and natural textures into their updated spaces.

Looking to Embark on Your Dream Home Update? We’re Here To Help!

Whether you’re after trend or function – or a combination, which is always best! – we’re here to help you design and re-create your perfect space. We’ll work closely with you to learn & understand your goals for your kitchen remodel, bathroom update, or closet revamp – and work hard to turn it into reality. Contact us today about your dream project.

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