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2022 Kitchen Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

New year, new you. But what about a brand new space to match?

Since many people have spent more time at home in the past few years, they are becoming more creative with their living spaces!

Our designers work with many Northshore & Southshore clients to conceptualize, design, and bring dream-worthy kitchen, bathroom, and closet ideas to life!

We also attend National Kitchen and Bath shows to stay updated on the ever-changing kitchen and bath design trends in our industry.

If you’re even thinking about designing or remodeling your kitchen or bath, check out these top trends for 2022 first. Then give us a call to get started on bringing our expertise to your vision.

#1. Style Inspired by Nature  

People have never been greener with kitchen envy! With more time spent indoors, we’re all looking to strengthen our connection with nature.

So it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more nature-inspired colors, like greens and blues, emerging. Millennials have leaned into this trend, so we don’t see this one going away any time soon.

Our clients even mix those colors with gold fixtures and marble countertops to create an even more luxurious atmosphere. So for 2022, expect to see nature and luxury in a style marriage.

#2. Transitional and Contemporary Styles are Still Going Strong

Transitional kitchen designs are still making an impact! Our clients are looking to blend traditional and contemporary elements to their kitchens, making their space a totally unique one!

At the same time, contemporary designs with clean lines are rising to the top of the trends. 

#3. Warmth is Heating Up Kitchen Spaces

You might be excited to learn that the industry is saying goodbye to all-white and gray this year!

Our clients are mixing warm hues and light wood tones for their cabinets, particularly for slab doors with wood grain visibility.

We also see more matte and brushed finishes for fixtures and hardware, like matte black followed by a brushed stainless for cabinet hardware, faucets and light fixtures. 

#4. Quartzite is Still Rocking Countertops 

Light-colors are the most requested colors for countertops.

Quartz is still the most popular countertop material, as seen with one of our clients’ kitchens.

Quartzite has even (shockingly) passed up granite in demand. 

#5. Multipurpose Rooms are Expanding

We’ve been encouraging inventive storage solutions, so it’s no surprise that multipurpose designs are gaining in popularity.

Our clients have been requesting organization solutions for multipurpose kitchen islands and pantries, like lazy susans, roll-out pantry trays, even deep kitchen and freezer drawers.

Like our nature-inspired colors, kitchen islands are not going anywhere any time soon!

See how we incorporated multi-purpose rooms and organization solutions to help Sherree preserve her 100-year-old New Orleans Kitchen and Laundry Room!

Our clients’ ideas for inventive storage solutions, like requesting floor-to-ceiling cabinets to hide small appliances, coffee bars, and so on have really inspired our designers to lean into this 2022 trend.

We’ve even had the privilege of working with people who want to knock down walls to create even more space!

Start By Organizing Your Priorities and Ideas

The idea of renovating your old, dated kitchen should be exciting! But many people tell us they feel overwhelmed by the idea, especially in the beginning.

When we created our FREE kitchen design checklist which includes 4 sets of questions that will help you get a better idea of what you’re looking for, we were hoping to change those overwhelmed feelings to excitement.

Once you complete this checklist, the next steps will be much easier!

Or, if you’re building or looking for a complete overhaul of your kitchen, download our Free Design Guide and learn how to design a modern kitchen your family will love forever.

Ready to Upgrade Your Home’s Look? We’re Here To Help!

We’re here to help you incorporate any and all of the 2022 Kitchen and Bath designs in your space.

We can’t wait to learn & understand your vision — whether it’s for your kitchen remodel or bathroom update — and to help you turn it into a reality with our expertise!

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