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2023 Kitchen Trends: Tastefully Two-Toned

Here’s a trend you’ve probably never considered: a two-toned kitchen!

At first glance, this probably sounds like a terrible idea.  You’re probably envisioning an outdated cream and dark brown color scheme, or worse, the yellows and oranges of the ‘70s.

But in reality, a two-toned kitchen can be tasteful, elegant, and create a truly personalized space! And believe us, a kitchen does NOT have to be monochrome to be a chic, clean space.

Of course, you have to exercise some caution. We wouldn’t recommend a bright pink and green kitchen, for instance (unless you really wanted it). But if you can choose two complementary colors–we love a neutral and an accent color–then you can create texture and layers to your space, making it the star of your home. Plus, if you integrate colors from other places in your home, it helps create one cohesive house!

Ready to add a pop of color to your kitchen? Here are a few ways you can have a two-toned kitchen that’s fun and classy:

Two-Toned Cabinets

Using two different finishes on cabinets is a wonderful design tool for a renovation. It’s one of the most striking ways to add depth to your kitchen, and it’s featured quite a bit in emerging micro-designs.

If you give this a try, use the lighter finish on your upper cabinets to create an illusion of openness and space (this is an especially great trick for small kitchens). Then, use the darker shade on lower cabinets; this will give the room an anchor and leave it feeling grounded.

Statement Colors

Sometimes just a pop of color will completely change a kitchen’s look. Use a brighter statement color–like bright blues, reds, or greens–for statement pieces in your kitchen, like islands, bars, or even a statement hood for your stove. Pair that with a soothing neutral color–creams, grays, beiges–to really accentuate the focal points of your kitchen.

Take Care With Color Pairs

No matter how much care you put into color placement, the whole effect can be thrown off by a mismatched pair of colors. When you’re looking for your colors, take care to note undertones in the paint. Is one paint warm-toned and the other cool-toned? Does one have a gray-base that clashes with the other?

On the other end of the spectrum, make sure your colors aren’t too similar, either. If you want the full effect of a two-toned kitchen, ensure your paints are at least three shades apart.

If you want to make extra sure that your colors pop and your two-toned kitchen does not look like a cream-and-brown monstrosity, call in the experts. Our team knows exactly the way to make a two-toned kitchen look like a beautiful piece of art!

Give us a call today for a free consultation, and let’s give you the colorful and classy kitchen you deserve!