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21 Storage Solutions to Start Your 2021 Off Right!

2021 is here! And it’s the opportunity we all need for a fresh start.

With January comes a little-known holiday observance with BIG potential to improve not just your home, but your life, too. It’s National Get Organized Month! ‘GO Month’ was created to empower us all and take control of clutter that can too often wreak havoc on our homes (and our brains!). We’re celebrating GO Month by bringing you 21 of our best innovative storage solutions for 2021. Read on for ideas & inspiration you can use to tame clutter once and for all in your kitchen, pantry, garage, office, bathroom, and MORE.

#1: Roll-Out Trays

These convenient storage drawers give you easy access and maximized storage of things like pots, pans, lids, and more.

#2: Double Waste Basket Pull-Outs

Hide your unsightly garbage can and recycle bin neatly, cleanly, and efficiently with a double waste-basket bin pull-out drawer.

#3: Base Tray Divider

Have a lot of serving trays for entertaining? This novel cabinet divider keeps them neat, tidy, and organized for your next get-together!

#4: Diagonal Utensil Divider

Large utensil storage cans are great – until they start cluttering up your counters. A utensil dividing drawer like this one keeps them organized how you’d like and off the countertop.

#5: Utility Cabinet with Drop Zone

Part mudroom drop zone, part charging station – this utility cabinet includes space to drop your going-out must-haves, organization for charging cords, and smart space to charge all of your family’s devices when needed.

#6: File Drawer Cabinet

A well-loved classic, a good filing drawer accommodates hanging folders to help your categorize important bills, files, mail, projects, and more.

#7: Base Mixer Stand

Love your stand mixer? It’s probably getting more use as of late! This smart roll-out drawer functions as an ergonomic stand for your mixer and includes mixer accessory storage for a better baking experience.

#8: Wine X Cabinet

Keep your prized bottles safely stored and showcase them with this smart wine cubby cabinet that’s ready when it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

#9: Pet Center

Fido and Fluffy now have a dedicated zone for all of their things! This mega pull-out drawer can store food, treats, food bowls, walking supplies, leashes, and more.

#10: Appliance Garage

Did you get new countertop appliances and gadgets for the holidays? Give them their own ‘garage!’ This deep cabinet holds blenders, toasters, coffee & espresso makers, your Insta-Pot and more!

#11: Utility Cabinet

Create a dedicated zone for all things cleaning and sanitizing (and stop hunting around the house for your supplies!). Store products on top and tools down below.

#12: Super Susan

You’ve heard of ‘Lazy Susan.’ But have you heard of ‘SUPER Susan?’ Maximize corner cabinet storage and reduce bending and reaching (and back pain) with this smart rotating storage cabinet deep enough for pitchers and mixing bowls.

#13: Ergonomic Pull-Down Shelf

Stop straining to reach items in high cabinets with this smart pull-down shelf. Store spices and seasonings, dinner staples, baking helpers, and so much more!

#14: Wall Message Center

Make 2021 the year of family communication. Leave must-have notes, schedule reminders, daily inspirations, and reminders of love in a new family message center.

#15: Deep Drawer Bases

Available in 1-, 2- or 3-drawer bases, store pots, pans, spices, seasonings, cooking staples, school lunch-making supplies and so much more with handy roll-out deep drawer bases.

#16: Pot & Pan Organizer

Well-loved pots & pans have always been storage conundrum. Tame them with a pot & pan organizer with deep drawer bases that store both pot and lids together in one place.

#17: Can and Wine Pull-Out Organizer

We’re guessing everyone has their favorite beverage in your household. Store them all together in a designated beverage cabinet for easy access during virtual school & workdays and when you’re vegging on the weekends.

#18: Tiered Drawer Insert

Can you never seem to find your favorite spices when you need them? Put a stop to that with a tiered drawer insert that allows you to organize them and SEE them all at once!

#19: Gourmet Super Cabinet

For all of those cooking supplies you can’t seem to find the perfect space for – say hello to the Gourmet Super Cabinet. Store oddly shaped baking sheets like muffin tins, large cutting boards, lids, and more.

#20: Wall Spice Pull-Out for Cabinets

This is a GREAT add-on around your oven & range. Keep your most-used spices and seasonings organized and within easy reach with this handy pull-out insert for your cabinet.

#21: Deep Roll-Out Trays

End the search for all the pieces of your beloved Tupperware storage sets. Store them all together along with deep mixing bowls, casserole trays, baking dishes, and more.

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