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4 Kitchen Upgrades That Answer Your Family’s 2020 Needs Just in Time for the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us!

(Did you think we’d ever make it?)

And we’re spending more time in the safety and comfort of our own homes.

But this might have you thinking one very critical thought:

“My house would be PERFECT, if I just changed [insert wish list remodel here].

You’re not alone.

In fact, because we’re spending more time at home now, we’re putting more energy into renovations, remodels, and redecorating projects to make our homes work for our new lifestyle.

Our homes – and our kitchens specifically – are now multifunctional and expected to meet multiple needs, from remote work to virtual school, entertainment, and more.

At no other time is this more apparent than during the holidays, when you’ve got your closest circle of family and friends under one roof.

But you can stop dreaming and get planning!

Here are 4 functional and creative upgrades that will make your kitchen SHINE for the holidays and work beautifully for your new at-home ways!

A Larger Kitchen Island – and Holiday Meal Prep Area for the Chef

Holiday home chefs and star bakers can all agree on one thing: the need for MORE counter space. And how better to add that counter space than an island teeming with surface area? It’s multipurpose, after all. You can use it for food prep for your holiday meals, a lunch counter, a smart hors d’oeuvre serving station, a morning coffee counter, an extra homework or work area, a creative crafting spot, a holiday wrapping center, and more.

Smarter Storage for Countertop Appliances & Gadgets

Speaking of appliances, smarter storage and AMPLE storage space is in-demand now that we’re spending more time at home – and investing in a few more kitchen helpers. Reimagining cabinet layout and adding more storage ensures clutter-free counters, a neat & tidy look, and a place for everything. Think about adding wide, deep drawers that hold all of your favorite kitchen gadgets within arm’s reach when cooking. Plus, deep cabinets –  high and low – can store frequently used small appliances and your favorite holiday dinnerware where it won’t gather dust the rest of the year.

An Inviting Wet Bar for (Safer) At-Home Socializing

Holiday cocktails need not wait until your favorite bars are open again (or 5 o’clock for that matter!). Bring the bar right into your home where you can socialize the safer way with your closest family and friends! Wet bars are making a comeback and they can be customized to your heart’s content. Add a frosty wine cooler for your favorite prized bottles & spirits, see-through cabinets to store glass drinkware, upgraded counter space to prep garnish & snacks, and even a spot for a slim, convenient dishwasher.

Create Kitchen ‘Zones’ to Help with the Holiday (and Life) Shuffle

Fans of “The Home Edit” know about “zones” – the catchy term for creating single-use activity areas within your space as a way of organizing and managing your family’s day-to-day needs. Ahead of the holidays and 2021, spend some time considering the “zones” your family would benefit from and how you might create them in your space to tame the holiday traffic.

For example, do you need a coffee spot? A home workspace that can double as a homework or virtual learning nook? How about a medicine counter or ‘mudroom’ station? These zones and other ideas can help streamline the neverending clutter and help your daily activities run smoother.

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Dreaming of an Upgrade for the Holidays or for the New Year?

At Singer, we’re passionate about helping you create an indoor space that works for your family and your lifestyle. Whether we’re working with you to reimagine your kitchen, upgrade your bathroom, or reorganize your closet – our designers can help you make sense of your needs, wants, and priorities all within your budget. Contact us to get started on your dream upgrade for the holidays and the New Year!