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7 Factors to Consider When Designing a Kitchen – a Designers Guide

A kitchen is more often than not the central area of your home. It’s often used in a way that’s much different than the way you use the rest of your house, and as such, it needs to be designed in the right way.

What you need from a Kitchen Designer is an almost limitless options in terms of design, materials, and innovation. There’s no shortage of ways in which you can make your kitchen completely your own. But with all these options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused about which ones to opt for. This is where a kitchen designer comes in.

Kitchen Designers Versus an Architect or Interior Designer

First, let’s clarify one thing. A kitchen designer is not the same thing as an interior designer or an architect. While those two might be able to give you some pretty valuable insights about how to go about designing the rest of your home, the design of a kitchen is best left to a specialist kitchen designer.

This specialization is necessary primarily due to the vast number of customization options available. While it’s possible to find two bedrooms or two living rooms that are quite similar, it’s next to impossible to find two kitchens that share more than the most basic of features. This is because most kitchens are designed keeping in mind the way that the kitchen is meant to be used by the residents of the house.

To achieve the best of both worlds, it’s a good idea to not just work with a kitchen designer for designing your kitchen, but to also enlist the help of the interior designer or the architect for the rest of your house, so that your kitchen’s basic theme and design complement the rest of your house too. This is essential to create a cohesive design and structure in your entire home.

Before You Start Designing Your Kitchen

When thinking about how to design a kitchen, the first question you or your kitchen designer needs to ask you is how you plan on using the kitchen. Is it just a place where you can plate out your takeout dinners or do you expect to cook Master Chef style meals?

Or would it simply be a place for preparing and consuming food on the go, or more of a casual place where all of the residents of the house can get together from time to time?

Depending upon the answers to these questions and more, you need to design your kitchen accordingly. From the choice of materials used, the numbers and materials of shelves and countertops to the choice of various appliances and the inclusion or exclusion of a seating space in your kitchen, these are some choices a kitchen designer can help you make in a more informed manner if they are familiar with your intended usage of the kitchen.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a kitchen designer for designing the ideal customized Singer Kitchen.

1. A Kitchen Designer Designs Durable Kitchens

Kitchens are meant to stand the test of time. While you might have the inclination to remodel or renovate the rest of your house after every couple of years or so, it’s the kitchen that’s often left in its original state for much longer.

This is because kitchens are designed and constructed using materials that are ideal for durability and are difficult to install and remove easily. This is why it’s that much important to get your kitchen’s design right the first time around. If you think your kitchen has suffered from poor design and needs a makeover, then give us a call and we can help.

‘Kitchens are meant to stand the test of time’

2. A Better Safety Option

A majority of fire hazards or other accidents in the home start in the kitchen. While inexperience or wrongly handling the appliances might be a reason, not choosing the right appliances or design for your kitchen could also increase the likelihood of such incidents. This is why it’s essential to go for a kitchen design that is safe. A kitchen designer can advise you about suitable designs and options in this regard.

3. Designing Kitchens – Do It Right the First Time

While constructing or remodeling your entire home can cause a hefty dent in your savings, your kitchen could be one of the biggest investments you are looking to make. With a customized kitchen costing you more than a few grand, you don’t really get a lot of chances to get it right.

This is why it’s wise to get help from a professional so that you get your kitchen’s design right the first time around. There are just so many things to consider while designing a kitchen. In other words, there are so many things that can go wrong. A kitchen designer can help you avoid any expensive mistakes.

‘Kitchen Designers help to get your kitchen’s design right – the first time’

4. A Kitchen Designer Can Oversee the Construction or Remodeling

You might have hired the best contractors, come up with the best designs, and invested a lot of time and money into your kitchen or home’s construction or remodeling. However, life gets in the way and you’ll often need to leave the site for things like work, chores and other commitments.

In such scenarios, it can be difficult to be able to prioritize spending time on-site. This can often lead to remodeling or construction not working out the way you’d planned.

A kitchen designer can help you overcome this problem. When you hire a kitchen designer, it becomes their job to oversee the project. This way, you can be sure that they’ll spend more time on-site and see to it that things are carried out the way you want and the way they designed it for you.

5. Kitchen Designers Can Guide Your Style Choices

No matter how many kitchen designs you pin on Pinterest, you’ll never know if the design you love on camera is the right choice for you in terms of practicality and suitability. A kitchen designer can guide your style choices to find a design that is perfect for you in every sense.

Rather than trawling through already made kitchens on Pinterest, one way to begin is to consider your own taste. Start with that in mind. What theme or scheme is really at the heart of what you want to see in your kitchen. Start with that and the rest can flow from it, so rather than getting into the detail, have a think about the overall theme of your kitchen.

Then, take those ideas to your Kitchen Designer, a good kitchen designer will quickly understand where you’re coming from and will be able to develop that theme for you. To whet your appetite, here’s a list of some themes you might want to consider.

  • Contemporary – open, gourmet, comfort, hi-tech
  • The classic – minimal, clean, blank canvas, accents
  • Farmhouse – rustic, robust, natural, warm
  • Coastal – harbor, seaside, beach house
  • Retro – 60’s, 70’s, pastels, modern twist, elegant
  • Cottage – quaint, soft tones, accents, cozy
  • French Country – chic, intricate, stylish, vintage, patina
  • Craftsman – rich woods, natural materials, fine craftsmanship
  • Eclectic – bold, bright, contrast, mixed styles
  • Industrial – texturally raw, brick, metal, steampunk

Hopefully one of those stood out to encompass the base elements of the kitchen you’re dreaming about, so now you need to get a kitchen designer to bring it to life for you!

6. Kitchen Designers Can Help You Choose the Right Color Combinations

Ever seen a vividly colored kitchen or room in a picture somewhere and instantly fell in love. The colors just seemed so perfect, the whole thing mixed together so perfectly.

The problem arises when you try to recreate it and realize that it just doesn’t go along with the rest of the house, or the lighting or anything else for that matter. And then you either have to do a do-over or just live with that knock off and it’s at that point you realize it takes skill, years of practice and experience …remember what we said about kitchens being expensive?

A designer can help you make better color combination choices. Regardless of whether you desire something eccentric or something subdued and subtle; they can probably recommend the right color scheme that’s sure to blend in well with the rest of your house and just look right.

7. Kitchen Designers Have Experience and Expertise

Constructions and remodels are testing for the homeowners – things don’t go according to plan, schedules are not upheld, accidents happen, the finished product is not how you envisioned. Because of all these things, a major bout of anxiety and panic isn’t an uncommon occurrence. This is especially true while designing a kitchen – you know – that all important core area of your home!

A kitchen designer like ours here are Singer Kitchens, have a vast amount of experience and expertise to know that these things can and do happen, the foresight to know how to avoid them, and the experience to know how to handle such scenarios is another key element provided by a Kitchen Designer.

They can help put things in perspective for you and help keep the project under control.

So Finally…

We’ve really only highlighted a few suggestions and considerations to think about. There’s plenty more we could share – but hopefully, this is at least a start for you.

The kitchen has long been an important hub within a family home or a place to invite friends to and to cook your most favorite meals. It’s a place where dreams are born, and memories are made. So, it really deserves the very best attention to make it a room worth being in. Worth cooking in and worthy of sharing with family and friends.

Let us help make your kitchen the pride of your home. call us on (504) 662-1766, or get in touch now and one of our designers will be happy to have a conversation with you about your dream kitchen.