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A Downsized Dream Kitchen in Metairie

Maggie had one goal in mind when she and her husband, Roy, set out to renovate their Bucktown condo.

She wanted to ‘solve the ugly.’

More than 7 years after the couple downsized from a 4-bedroom home to their 1,700-square-foot forever home – and steadily worked through other renovations – it was time to tackle the outdated kitchen.

“The kitchen was very closed off, had commercial fluorescent lighting and pinkish cabinets that weren’t very good quality,” Maggie explains. “It was functional, but really outdated. We had been thinking about renovating since we purchased the condo.”

Maggie’s interior designer, Susie, suggested she contact us and, soon, she and Roy were in our Mid-City showroom looking at cabinet options, countertops, layouts, and colors.

Read on to find out how we made their downsize dream of an open, entertainer-friendly, and accessible kitchen come true!

From Virtual Design to Demolition

It’s one thing to talk about kitchen updates when you’re embarking on a remodel. It’s quite another to see the possibilities up close.

That’s what Maggie and Roy found when they visited our showroom and met with our kitchen designer, Vincent.

“It was great to be able to see what our options were up close,” Maggie says. “We could see cabinets, look at countertops, gauge how we felt about certain colors, and it was so helpful to work with both Susie and Vincent to make our choices.

With measurements in hand, Vincent used Singer’s own SingerSight™ computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a draft layout of the kitchen. In just a few clicks, they could change features, colors, and layouts that made sense and get a feel for what the result would look like.

Smart Storage That Makes Life Easier

Along with “solving the ugly,” a huge part of Maggie and Roy’s kitchen remodel involved incorporating smarter storage solutions that were easily accessible for Roy who is retired and semi-disabled. This meant lots of low-profile deep storage drawers, smooth-rolling pantry inserts for easy access to kitchen staples, and the classic lazy susan.

Inside the deep drawers, we installed a pegboard system to keep delicate dishes, pots, and pans safely in place and stable. The pegs are removable and replaceable, so Maggie and Roy can switch up the storage configuration anytime they’d like.

A Kitchen That’s Open, Airy, and Multi-Purpose      

The closed-off feeling of the previous kitchen didn’t sit well with Maggie and Roy. The kitchen functioned as a separate room, one where you’d have to disappear inside for food prep anytime there was company.

The couple decided the best option was to knock out a wall, which would open up the space and allow it to overlook the living room. We installed an extended kitchen island to allow for easy food and drink prep while Maggie and Roy socialize with their guests or when their adult children visit.

The soaring island serves multiple purposes, too. Sometimes Maggie folds laundry there and she even uses it as a gift-wrapping station during the holidays.

Their new open, airy, and neutral kitchen also incorporates something they both love – art! Ample low-profile cabinetry opened up spaces for their beloved pieces that complement another curated art wall in their living room.

Maggie and Roy’s kitchen remodel was completed in early February and the couple couldn’t be happier.

“It’s really my happy place,” Maggie says. “It makes us feel good every time we’re in it. When you’re in an environment that just doesn’t feel like you, it takes a toll.”

“Our new kitchen brings more joy to our lives,” she says.

We Can Help You Create a Kitchen That Works for Your Life!

Whether you’re downsizing to your forever home or remodeling your current home, we’d love to help you design and build a kitchen that works for your life! Contact us to get started with your project. Ask about our interest-free financing options, too!

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