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A Shaker For A New Generation

Bring the traditional into the modern age with our trim and trendy slim shaker cabinet doors!

Shakers are among the most popular of cabinet door styles–you’ll probably see the standard flat panel wrapped with a 2-3” border in 90% of the kitchens you walk into. And while we love the classics, the slim shaker gives a much-needed update to an old favorite.

What sets apart a slim shaker (AKA thin shaker, tiny shaker, narrow shaker, small shaker, skinny shaker, or micro shaker) is that its trim is a scant ½ – 1” thick beveled molding around the edge.

With its sleek, chic style, it works in a whole range of kitchens–from mid-century modern to boho chic to industrial minimalist. Our designer Vincent Guccione says, “It’s the perfect fit for someone that doesn’t want the heaviness of the traditional shaker but wants more detail than the modern slab.”

And, because we’re always looking for ways to bring your dream kitchen to life, the trend spotters at Singer Kitchens knew that this was a must-have in ANY kitchen. That’s why we’re offering our lovely Luna Door–a chic slim shaker that comes in Dove white, Indigo blue, and Kona stain–OR in any Sherwin-Williams color your heart desires!

With quick shipping available, don’t wait! Update your kitchen with the updated classic today with Singer Kitchens!