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Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions In The Kitchen

We know what it is like to start your new year with resolutions to improve your life.

And we feel that the most successful resolutions always start in the home. But more specifically, they start in the heart of your home, the kitchen!

How much easier would it be for you and your family to stick to healthy, home-cooked meals this year if you had an updated, organized dream kitchen to cook them in?

Here are a few ways that we feel will help you successfully incorporate your kitchen focused

Resolutions for the New Year!

Resolution 1: Spend More Time With Family.

As a family business, we know the importance of spending time with your family at each opportunity you can. According to GoSkills, spending time with your family is one of the top ten New Year’s resolutions made every year.

There are many benefits of spending time with family. According to a study, spending time with family strengthens mental health and reduces stress,  boosts self-confidence, and teaches interpersonal communication.

There are so many opportunities centered around the kitchen that encourage spending time with your family, from family outings to down time.

Which brings us to our next resolution…

Resolution 2: Eat Healthier.

Eating healthier is another “ol’ reliable” resolution made every year. But did you know you can accomplish your goals in your own kitchen?

Unlike with eating out, cooking more in your kitchen improves your health and well-being.

According to family therapist Jill Anderson, family dinners are great “for the body, the physical  health, the brain’s and academic performance, and the spirit or the mental health.”

Research even shows that when families cook at home, they are most likely to eat at home most days of the week, make healthier food choices, and even save money with meal planning, shopping, and budgeting.

That sounds like a great resolution to us!

Resolution 3: Get Organized.

Another popular resolution is getting more organized.  This resolution allows you to create more space in your home, particularly in your kitchen, and allows you to more easily find the necessary items like ingredients, spices, and utensils, to cook a delicious meal..

A kitchen remodel can help you make your space more accessible and organized. This means preparing meals will be easier and a lot more enjoyable for you and your family!

We believe the idea of organizing, renovating, or even designing a dream kitchen should be exciting and refreshing, instead of stressful!

That’s why we created a FREE Kitchen Design Checklist to help you get started on the kitchen renovation process!!

How Do I Start?

Once you have an idea for your dream kitchen, you can speak with our Design Specialists. We are here for you to make your design experience hassle-free and most importantly, fun!