Closet Design and Renovation Services

By Singer Kitchens in New Orleans & the Northshore!

A great closet can set a positive tone for your entire day.

Imagine getting dressed and prepped for your day in a closet where you can truly see your entire wardrobe.

You might have:

  • Custom hanging areas for shirts, dresses, or suits
  • Custom cabinets and storage shelves for beloved wardrobe pieces, bags, and purses
  • Jewelry organizers that keep all of your baubles organized, visible, and within easy reach
  • Shoe cubes to tame your growing shoe collection while providing easy access
  • Wire baskets for scarves, ties, belts, and other hard-to-store items, keeping them in sight and off the floor

Everything would have its place and it would all be within easy reach.

DIY Closet Organization Solutions Only Take You So Far

A closet full of DIY organization solutions – think a mishmash of bins, hard-to-fit baskets, hangers, and big-box store drawer units – can only take you so far. Sometimes, you need a deeper solution. That’s where Singer closet design and renovation experts come in.

Our Custom Closet Organizing Systems

Our built-in closet-organizing systems are custom-designed to meet your unique storage requirements. They can transform any ordinary closet space into an elegant retreat that organizes and displays your wardrobe with ease.

Our closet solutions include:

  • Quality cabinetry, storage shelving, and countertops fit to your closet’s footprint
  • Hanging rods organize every shirt, suit, sweater, or blouse
  • Corner shelves help maximize your storage space and provide just the right place for purses, extra pillows, blankets and other bulky items
  • Roll-out storage baskets, jewelry organizers, belt/tie storage
  • Retractable dressing mirrors
  • Fold-out ironing boards
  • Shoe cubbies and small item cubbies to bring order to all of your hard-to-store accessories

We’ll Work With You To Design Your Dream Closet

Just as with our thoughtful kitchen design service, our closet remodel experts will work with you to assess your needs, understand your design inspiration, and recommend the right built-in organizing system to solve your closet headaches once and for all.

Schedule your appointment for a free consultation in our New Orleans or Mandeville showroom and we’ll get started on your project.

New Orleans

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At our appointment, we’ll discuss your design inspiration and goals for your brand new closet space. We’ll also take measurements and dream up your closet design options both within your existing closet’s footprint and with more extensive remodel work.

Through the process, we’ll use our SingerSight™ design-rendering service to make the vision of your new closet come to life virtually. Our closet & kitchen remodeling clients love working with us using this program because it allows them to SEE all the possibilities for their new closet, make changes as needed, and finalize the design before renovation work begins.

We Can Revamp More Than Just Your Closet!

Revamping your closet is just the beginning. We can help you remodel and bring order to more of your widely used spaces, including your:

  • Garage
  • Laundry Room
  • Linen Closet and Other Storage Space
  • Pantry
  • Playroom or Toy Storage Area
  • Home Office

Contact us today to discuss the home improvement project you have in mind.

0% Financing Options For Qualified Homeowners

Your dream closet or remodeled storage space is within easier reach with our 3 special 0% financing options! Depending on your credit situation, you may qualify for 12 months, 24 months, or even 60 months of financing at 0% interest.

Applying for our financing options is easy. Simply download and fill out a credit application, submit it by either scanning a copy of it or taking a photo of it and sending it to us electronically. 

If you’re approved, you can select your financing terms from your available options.

We’re Ready To Work With You on Your Dream Closet Remodel!

Our closet design and renovation experts are ready to help you through the journey of designing and creating ideal closet remodel. We’re here to learn & understand your needs, help refine your vision, and ensure a stress-free renovation experience.

Ready to get started?

Schedule your free design consultation in our New Orleans or Mandeville showrooms today!