Kitchen Countertops

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Simple. Stone. Quartz. Laminate.
The choice is yours.

Let our design professionals assist you in choosing from a large variety of quality, name brand products in a range of styles, materials and colors, all designed to fit your needs.

Granite. The Natural Choice.

Granite is by far the most popular natural stone countertop material. It comes in a wide array of colors, ranging from vibrant blues and variegated browns, to midnight black, deep red and mottled white. Granite is not only a natural material, it’s also extremely durable, resistant to bacteria and absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for a material that can provide a natural, dramatic look and stand up to a great deal of heat and pressure, granite is a great option.

Quartz. The new kid on the block.

Boasting the best qualities of laminate and stone, quartz began appearing in U.S. homes just a few years ago after gaining popularity in Europe for the past decade. Today, quartz countertops are exploding in popularity,. Although some quartz countertops are actually made of quarried slabs of the natural stone, the new engineered material is actually created through a manufacturing process that mixes approximately 95 percent ground natural quartz with 5 percent polymer resins. The result is a super-hard, low-maintenance, natural stone-look countertop available in a dazzling array of colors. Quartz resists staining and corrosion from cooking oils, liquids and most household cleaning products — so there’s no need for periodic resealing of the surface. 

Laminate. A classic solution.

Plastic laminate is a durable, hard-wearing material that can survive many years in the toughest kitchens. Considering that plastic laminate is made primarily of kraft paper impregnated with resins, it’s a surprisingly resilient choice. Plastic laminate is available in hundreds of colors and dozens of patterns, and in various textures.