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Dreaming Up a Mid-Century Marvel: Sue’s Kitchen Transformation

The Vision Comes to Life

Sue had a dream for her kitchen, but turning that dream into reality was a challenge—especially from out of town. Enter Vincent, our designer at Singer Kitchens, who was thrilled to tackle this unique project. Vincent shared, “I really enjoyed working on this very unique project. The customer, although working from out of town, had a precise vision of what she wanted.” With Vincent’s guidance and a talented contractor team known for their out-of-the-box thinking, Sue’s vision was set to become a vibrant reality.

A Splash of Color and Texture

The heart of Sue’s kitchen transformation was the bold choice of orange, infusing a fun, funky vibe into the sophisticated mid-century modern design. Vincent expertly balanced the bright hues with stained cabinets and slat walls, adding just the right texture against the smooth gray slab cabinet doors. This creative mix not only personalized the space but elevated its entire aesthetic.

Functional Elegance

Understanding Sue’s desire for an open, airy feel, we created a plan to use top-hinged wall cabinets and floating shelves, maximizing the upper wall space. Avoiding corner bottom cabinets led to innovative storage solutions like a pull-out waste basket cabinet, a microwave drawer base, and multiple drawer stacks. Each choice was made with functionality and elegance in mind, creating a kitchen that’s as usable as it is beautiful.

Tailored for Sue’s Lifestyle

The customization didn’t stop with the layout and color scheme. A unique cabinet at the back of the peninsula was explicitly designed for the dog’s storage needs, showcasing Singer Kitchens’ commitment to personalization. Sue was delighted with the outcome, saying, “I found Vincent to be always helpful, always available. I really appreciated this since I had to do most of this renovation from out of town.”

Bringing Dreams to the Kitchen Table

Sue’s kitchen is more than just a cooking space; it’s a testament to how Singer Kitchens brings dreams to life. Every detail reflects Sue’s vision and lifestyle, from the vibrant colors and textures to the thoughtful design choices. Ready to transform your kitchen into a space that feels like home? Let’s chat about your dream kitchen today. Together, we can make it happen.