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From Bland and Basic to Wow-Worthy Warmth

The modern family knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So when our client Cheryl called us to take the kitchen in her new home from bland and basic to something warm and inviting, we were up for the task!

Our designer Holly took one look at the builder-grade, basic white cabinets and knew what to do. Not only could she create a beautiful space, but she could also increase the storage capacity and improve the layout – all while making sure it fit Cheryl’s style.

For the warmth that Cheryl wanted, Holly suggested going with stained cabinets. Stained wood cabinets are having a burst of popularity right now, and an earthy, natural mushroom stain would give warmth while adding style.

And, for an extra bit of cozy and natural color, she complimented the stain with Taj Mahal quartzite stone countertops, making it the perfect homey entertaining space!

But Holly didn’t stop there. She created a new focal point in the kitchen by replacing the range’s original micro hood with a beautiful, independent stainless hood, and livened things up by adding a ridged apron sink and glass doors.

Wait, But What About Cooking?

As much as Cheryl loved how her new kitchen looked, there was still the matter of how it worked with her cooking. After all, a kitchen is for more than just entertaining: it needs to be functional, too!

But Holly was well aware of Cheryl’s cooking needs. She brought in multiple drawer stacks and, for a true bit of luxury, a microwave drawer for the island, which our client ended up loving! Now her kitchen is a feast for the eyes as she whips up meals for family and friends.

Once we finished the renovation, here’s what Cheryl had to say: “I went to Singer with the goal of just ‘warming up’ my kitchen but Holly showed me several options to improve the layout and I just love it now!”

We love when we can take our client’s visions to new heights and give them a wow-worthy kitchen that fits their style while improving its day-to-day function!

If you want a kitchen that’s just as beautiful as it is functional, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll work with your vision to make a new space that will truly be the heart of your home.

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