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How one couple downsized without sacrificing space by remodeling their closets

Everybody likes the idea of downsizing to a more manageable home as they get older. That is, until the time comes to find places for all your “stuff”. We recently worked with one couple who was downsizing from their large home in English Turn to a MUCH smaller 2-bedroom home. The couple was ecstatic about the move. The new home was in a neighborhood where they wanted to live and was much easier to manage. The new house had just enough room for a grandkid (or two) if they came to visit or spend the night. They had already begun the process of downsizing their furniture but didn’t realize how much of an issue the lack of closet space was in the new house.

The Importance of Closet Space in Smaller Homes

You may not realize how much space you have in your closets, even if they’re small. That’s why making the most of every square inch is important when you live in a smaller home! Closets can be configured differently to maximize wall space for hanging items. Plus, you can sometimes remove things from closets to make even more room.

Smart Solutions for His & Her Master Closets

The lady of the house usually gets the big closet! But what if both closets are the same or similar size? In this case, both closets were similar in size, so we started the process by talking to both the husband and wife about what was important in their closet space. Their needs were a bit different. Her wish list included:
  • Double hanging shelves meaning you could hang two things on a given wall
  • Some long hanging shelves for coats & dresses
  • Shoe shelves with some that were taller for heels & boots
His list was largely the same, except he didn’t need the single hanging shelves for long items & his “shoe shrine” could all be uniform size (since he doesn’t wear heels). One thing they had in common was they both wanted to include drawer shelves to limit the need for bedroom furniture since they were downsizing to a smaller home. Getting rid of bedroom furniture was a big priority!

From Design to Completion

After hearing the wish list, we took the measurements and began the process of designing what the new closets would look like. Once the designs were approved, our team gutted the closets & finished the builds. Also, we wound up redoing the closets in their laundry room to provide hanging space above the washer & dryer PLUS their linen closets, coat closets & even the pantry! Enjoy the finished closet gallery below. If you’d like to talk to us about a closet remodel please contact us today.