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How to Bring Nature into Your Kitchen with the Top Trending Colors of 2023

Nature is a powerful source of inspiration for many aspects of our lives, including the design of our homes. One of the most popular ways to incorporate nature into our living spaces is by choosing colors that reflect the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Let’s explore some of the top trending colors for kitchen remodeling in 2023, and discover how they can help you create a kitchen that is both stylish and soothing.

Blue: The Color of the Sky and the Sea

Blue is a timeless color that evokes feelings of tranquility, harmony, and elegance. It is also the most popular color globally, according to Benjamin Moore, a leading paint company.

Whether you prefer a serene and peaceful vibe with our “ocean blue” or a more sophisticated and refined look with our “indigo blue”, we have a wide range of blue hues to suit your taste and personality. And if you can’t find the perfect shade of blue for your kitchen, don’t worry – we offer a custom color program that allows you to create your own unique blue. Just tell us which blue speaks to you, and we will make it happen.

Green: The Color of Nature and Life

Green is the ultimate color for bringing the outdoors in. It represents nature, life, growth, and freshness. It also has a calming and restorative effect on our mood and well-being.

Our “sage green” is a soft and soothing green that creates a relaxing environment for your kitchen. Our “hunter green” is a deeper and richer green that adds a touch of elegance and drama to your kitchen. Both greens work well with natural wood accents and white or cream countertops.

Mushroom: The New Neutral

White may be the classic neutral color for kitchens, but it can also be boring and bland. That’s why we recommend our “oyster” as the new neutral for 2023.

It is a warm and earthy beige that adds more interest and versatility to your kitchen. It can complement any color scheme, from cool blues and greens to warm reds and yellows. It can also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your kitchen, especially when paired with natural light and plants.

Black: The Color of Minimalism and Modernity


Black may seem like an unconventional choice for kitchens, but it can actually create a stunning effect when used wisely. Black can bring a minimalist and modern vibe to your kitchen, as well as a sense of contrast and drama.

Our “pitch black” is not a pure black, but rather a dark brown-black that has a warm and cozy undertone. It can make your kitchen look more spacious and elegant, especially when combined with white or metallic elements.

Natural Wood: The Perfect Partner for Painted Cabinets

Painted cabinets are still the star of the show in 2023, but they don’t have to be the only show in town. Stained cabinets can play a supporting role in your kitchen, adding texture and dimension to your design.

Our newest stain “timber” is a natural wood with a warm whiskey tone that pairs perfectly with our latest top trending paint colors. It can add some warmth and character to your kitchen, as well as a touch of rustic charm.

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