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How to get your dream kitchen even if the vision is a little blurry in your head

Do you ever have a vision or dream about something you really want? You can see what it looks like, but the details are blurry. If you wanted to go out & buy that thing, you might have a hard time finding it. Our client Don had this exact problem. He had a vision of what he wanted his kitchen to look like. He found bits and pieces of things he liked here & there, but the full picture escaped him. Well, it did. Until he visited our showroom.

You’ll Know It When You See It

Don was admiring one of our showroom displays featuring a New Orleans-style kitchen complete with inset cabinets & fleur de lis hardware. That’s when we overheard him exclaim “that’s it… that’s exactly what I want” from around the corner. It’s the kind of thing that only happens in a showroom. The kitchen display Don saw in our showroom was NOT actually what he wanted in his house. It was the elements of the kitchen he was in love with:
  • New Orleans theme
  • Inset cabinets
  • Color scheme
  • Clean hardware
That’s when our team got involved.

Ironing Out the Foggy Details

We visited Don’s home to get measurements & see what his home was like. He lived near a marina & had an amazing view of the water, so we wanted to make sure his new kitchen gave him the best seat in the house. Then, we created a Pinterest board to share pictures & ideas of the kitchen setup we thought he would like. Pinterest has turned out to be a super handy tool for planning a kitchen! One of the hardest things for Don to settle on was his choice of countertops. So, we did what usually works best – we took him to our favorite dealer & walked the yard until it happened. “There, that piece,” he said. It was love at first sight. When you see things in person, the perfect item will usually find you!

Time to Renovate

Once we had the selections done, it was time to begin the renovation. Our team tore out the old kitchen and installed the new one. We even brought in a crane to handle the extraordinary piece of granite he had picked out for his kitchen island. Check out the size of this piece:

Another Happy Ending

Don loves his new kitchen so much, he’s always entertaining company. He tells everyone all about how his dream became a reality. And, every morning when he drinks his coffee in his brand new kitchen, he gets to look out across his deck at the water. Don got the kitchen of his dreams. Literally. It was his vision. Our guidance & our remodelers.