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Minimalism to the Max: Slab Doors Are 2023’s Darling

If you’ve seen any kitchen, you’ve seen a slab cabinet door. It’s one of THE most sought-after door styles of the decade, and it’s a 2023 favorite.

This Euro-inspired door front is made for understated elegance, making it a perfect addition for modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, and minimalist kitchens. But it’s not just elegant, it’s efficient.

Since it’s completely devoid of trims and bevels, it’s safe from the dust that tends to accumulate in the equally popular shaker cabinets. One quick wipe-down is all it ever needs.

The Catalina: Minimalist Design, Maximum Style

If you’re looking to add the chic simplicity of a slab door style to your kitchen, our new Catalina style is just the ticket. Offered in both High Gloss and Matte finishes, they work in ANY kitchen.

Our High Gloss cabinets have a high-end look that creates a sleek, luxurious feel. Plus, the shiny surface of this finish catches the light and creates the illusion of more space – definitely a boon for smaller or narrow kitchens!

Meanwhile, our Matte finish, when combined with the simple silhouette of the slab style, creates a casual, understated vibe. If your kitchen leans more toward organic modern or minimalist designs, then this finish is just the one for you.

Choose from four beautiful colors to best fit the style of your kitchen. The smoky gray of our Grigio Gloss offers a modern and sophisticated feel, while our Carbonne Matte gray is earthy and perfect for organic-inspired kitchens. And our Bianco white comes in both varieties; the gloss is stunningly bright and best used for high-end kitchens, while the matte has timeless, beautifully sleek appeal.

The designers at Singer Kitchens are always looking for the most up-to-date, beautiful additions to your kitchen. Come visit one of our showrooms to see the latest in kitchen decor, or contact us today for a free consultation to create the kitchen of your dreams!