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Old Metairie Kitchen Goes Remarkably Retro While Adding Space and Storage

For Uptown resident Rudy, renovating the kitchen of his childhood home in Old Metairie was truly a labor of love and a way to honor his late mother’s memory.

The mid-century modern cottage, which Rudy had lived in since he was a newborn and that he later purchased after his mother passed away, already had a fun and funky vibe. This was in large part due to his incredible eye for retro design.

When it came time to renovate the cottage’s tiny kitchen, he wanted to keep the throwback vintage vibe alive while updating carpentry and hardware, adding storage, and opening up the room with bright color.

The result is a charming retro designer kitchen that would have made Rudy’s mother proud and became a key selling point for the home just a few years later. The project was so special, in fact, that we decided to recreate its design in our Mid-City showroom!

A Kitchen with Lots of Potential, Limited By Size

The little kitchen in Rudy’s former cottage on Melody Drive measured about 120 square feet, which was of average size at the time of the home’s construction in the 1950s. In the decades since, the average size of kitchens in American homes has trended upward, creating big design challenges for homeowners.

“The kitchen had never really been updated,” Rudy explains. “At one point in the 1970s, my mom put in new cabinets, but it was always very low on counter space and storage space.

In fact, Rudy says, it’s almost impossible for him to imagine how his mother did so much of her authentic Italian cooking in the tiny space.

“Growing up, my mother would come home from work and sit at the kitchen table, talk on the phone to her girlfriends, and cook dinner,” Rudy says, adding that it’s amazing to think of how she maximized the little space.

Not only did she chop vegetables and herbs at the kitchen table in lieu of lack of counter space, she also stored food in cabinets since there wasn’t a pantry and the cabinets were fairly shallow. Storage and space challenges aside, he says, she never let the kitchen’s square footage put a damper on entertaining.

A Breeze to Work with Singer Kitchens

Armed with storage challenges and a desire to add colorful life back into his historic kitchen, Rudy partnered with our designers working up a plan to add colorful cabinets, new countertops, added storage, more counter space, and a whole lot of inviting appeal to the space.

Among our updates, we installed:

  • Deep cabinetry in a bright but muted robin’s egg blue spanning 2 walls for ample storage of pots and pans, appliances, food staples, and other kitchen equipment
  • An over-the-range microwave with vent hood to allow for more cooking area while recouping counter space
  • A smart slide-out cabinet next to the stove for convenient hidden storage of baking sheets, trays, dishes, and other oddly shaped kitchen must-haves
  • Crisp white quartz countertops providing an attractive counterpoint to the retro blue cabinetry

The design and renovation process took just a few (stress-free) months. Our designers took Rudy’s inspiration and wish list and worked up a design he could see and refine using our Singersight™ 3-D Design software. This impressive technology allows us to test out renovation scenarios virtually! With Rudy’s feedback, our designers and contractors got to work.

“Working with Singer was a joy and so easy,” Rudy says. “We did a lot of talking on the phone, discussing choices and changes. I would also stop into the showroom frequently to check up on things and was always met with a smile and excitement to keep working toward the finished project. I highly recommend Singer Kitchens for any home renovation and design work.”

Rudy’s retro kitchen was completed on St. Joseph’s Day 2017, he recalls. Two years later, Rudy felt the time was right to sell the 3-bedroom cottage, downsize to a beautiful low-maintenance Uptown condo, and let a new family move in to make memories.

Rudy has no doubt that the updated kitchen, with all of its character and charm, helped sell the home quickly. In fact, the very first couple who looked at the house ended up purchasing it!

Can you say resale value?

Rudy says he’s glad that a new family will now call the little cottage on Melody Drive home. He thinks his mother would be too.

Check out the project gallery to see additional photos.

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