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Preserving A Rich History in a New Orleans Kitchen

As Louisianans, we take the importance of preserving our rich history very seriously.

Whether through commercial buildings or our homes, we know what it means to keep New Orleans true to our culture, especially through architecture.

That was our client, Sherree’s vision for her kitchen.

How did we preserve a piece of that history while considering her needs and bringing her vision to life? Allow us to introduce you to Sherree and show you how we married her vision with our expertise!

A Vision of the Kitchen Coming True

In 2020, Sherree and her husband wanted to renovate their kitchen in their New Orleans home.

Sherree’s home was built in 1910, making the house over 100 years old. We were also honored to take on Sherree’s kitchen because of our history in New Orleans; we’ve been around since 1928.

Because of this, it was necessary to Sherree and us that her kitchen paid homage to the historic New Orleans existing architecture of the home. She also wanted her kitchen to complement the Argyle design reflected throughout her house and original wood flooring.

Sheree’s Vision: Preserve small things about the kitchen yet modify them, like the cabinet hutch built before the renovations.

“We wanted to keep [the original cabinet hutch] and structure but change the rest of the cabinetry,” Sherree said.


This is what we love to do!

Everything, from how much we enjoyed working with Sherree to the options we gave her, and her original vision seemed to fit perfectly throughout this renovation project.

Giving Life to The Vision

It’s one thing to have an idea for a kitchen remodel, but it is another to see the concept closely and flesh it out.

That’s what Sherree found when she visited our showroom and met with our kitchen designer, Vincent.

“I like to do the planning and kind of imagine where everything’s going to go, measure it out and draw it out,” Sherree said.

While Sherree had a clear vision of her dream kitchen, Vincent helped her flesh out the idea with Singer’s own SingerSight computer-aided design (CAD) software. Because of that, Sherree appreciated the creative control during this kitchen project.

“You go to the cabinet store and you try to figure out the back and forth process, but we really retained full control working with Singer,” Sherree said.

Multi-Purpose as Fashion and Function

For Sherree, ample counter space was important in their remodel, creating functionality in the most creative ways with her kitchen. The remodel meant:

  • A unique cabinet with a washer and dryer stacked inside, making more room for the refrigerator and a small prep sink
  • Increased counter space to the left of the sink by adding under-counter refrigerator and freezer drawers hidden with integrated drawer fronts
  • Created a functional kitchen island, which included pegged board drawers for her dishes and wastebasket cabinet
  • Added a broom closet and more landing space

“How much we get out of the room still surprises me,” Sherree said. “I walk in there, and I just feel like it’s enormous and spacious.”


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The small touches added a unique perspective to Sherree’s kitchen.Sheree decided on Marble with a leather finish for her countertops. It even works to display the pottery she created.

Plus, a butcher block made of Walnut for her kitchen island – expertly picked by Sherree and even found in Denver, Colorado! – added more flair to her kitchen.

Sherree’s kitchen remodeling is a perfect example of how artistic style meshed with functionality. One example? Sherree uses her under-counter refrigerator drawers to store her wine, bottled waters, and LaCroix.

Another? She uses her landing space for extra trays when entertaining her guests, and the butcher block countertop extended for extra seating.

See more photos of Sherree’s new kitchen!

A Stress-Free Kitchen Design Experience For All

Sherree’s kitchen remodel was completed in the summer of 2021. Vincent prepared them for the project’s timeline due to the pandemic and shipping issues for appliances and parts.

And still, Sherree could not be any happier with the kitchen’s results.

“I really love my kitchen. I even tell my husband every day how much I love my kitchen,” Sherree said.

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