Remodeling a Kitchen with Singer Kitchens
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Remodeling a Kitchen with Singer Kitchens

It is no secret that remodeling a kitchen can be a difficult time! Between selecting cabinetry profiles to deciding on the cabinetry layout there is a lot to consider. That is why here at Singer Kitchens we are all about making your remodeling process as pain-free as possible.  After 90 years of delivering quality service and providing impeccable finished products for our client’s homes, we are confident in the expertise we bring to any renovation and you can be rest assured that your project is in safe hands with us.

Singer Kitchen’s offers a full spectrum of services for all areas of the home including kitchens, bathrooms, closets and wallbeds.

We pride ourselves on our company motto ‘we do more!’ because we are a full-service company that goes above and beyond to exceed our customers expectations.

In this blog post we are going to be running through some quick tid-bits about your kitchen remodeling plans in New Orleans so that you can start off with all the necessary information. 


Once you have called one of our friendly sales staff to book a consultation, there are a few things you might like to do to prepare for your meeting. You may like the bring photos, rough measurements and/or inspiration photos of the kind of kitchen design you are interested in. Within the consultation we will talk through all of your ideas for your renovation and provide further details on the possibilities for remodeling. We will walk you through all of the options available in terms of materials, textures, hardware and layouts for the cabinetry.

Expert Design

We provide impeccable design services as part of our scope of work, allowing you focus more on the overall vision, rather than micro managing every detail. Impeccable design is the key ingredient to a successful kitchen remodel and you can rest assured that our highly skilled designers will make your dream kitchen become a reality.

One Point of Contact

We provide one point of contact as part of our scope of work, allowing you to put your focus on the overall vision, rather than micro managing every detail. It provides enormous peace of mind by having a designated go-to person who you know is completely across all of the details of your project.

Work Within Your Budget

Whether you are refacing an existing kitchen or building an entirely new one, we pride ourselves on being your go-to, one stop shop for everything kitchen remodeling in New Orleans. We will work within your budget to successfully execute a beautiful kitchen design. Contact us today about how we can work together on remodeling your kitchen.

Here at Singer Kitchens we are confident that we can make your kitchen remodeling process a rewarding one. By working with experienced professionals throughout, you are able to uncover the best options for your specific project. Our expert design in unmatched as we are all about mixing aesthetic with functionality for a perfectly balanced kitchen layout. We will work within your budget to find functional solutions and be here for you throughout the whole process. Reach out to our friendly sales team today to discuss securing a consultation with one of our designers.

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