You are currently viewing Remodeling Your Bathroom in Time for Holiday Guests, a Guide

Remodeling Your Bathroom in Time for Holiday Guests, a Guide

Remodeling Your Bathroom in Time for Holiday Guests, a Guide

So, the leaves are starting to fall, and the nights are drawing in, summer is just a memory and many people start to think about crisp winter mornings and the holiday season!

A big consideration when you are planning to invite gets over for the holiday is whether your bathroom is a reflection of your style and beautiful enough to show off to your guests.

Let’s take a look below at the short answer as to how to remodel your bathroom in time for your festive celebrations.

How do I remodel my bathroom in time for holiday guests?

If you decide to remodel your bathroom in time for the holidays, make sure you have decided on your budget and created a priority list of work needing completing. Any broken or faulty items should be replaced. A full bathroom remodel will create a welcoming look, along with adding value to your home.

Now we’ve had a brief look at some of the ways you can bring a sense of style, functionality and an update to your bathroom space, let’s delve a little deeper into how to get your bathroom guest-ready for the holidays.

Let’s start by looking at some considerations to take into account at the planning stage.

Where to Start With Bathroom Remodeling

There’s nothing better than cozying up and planning your holiday remodeling ideas. It’s a wonderful time of year to get together with your loved ones and family and invite them to enjoy your home and hospitality, so where do you start, when considering your bathroom?

Budget and Priorities

One of the first considerations when planning your bathroom remodel is your budget. This is really important to get right before you even think about the areas you are looking to remodel.

Work out exactly how much you are willing to spend and secondly, think about the work in order of priority. For example, are the taps in your bathroom looking really dated, or worse, leaky? Or maybe your vanity unit door won’t shut anymore. Make sure anything that isn’t working or faulty, is at the top of your priority list.

Make sure you have a realistic budget in mind as attempting a full bathroom remodel without the right budget, can lead to disappointment and worse, overspending.

Determine how much you can afford to spend on your remodel to determine the extent of the changes you can make. If your budget is on the low end (i.e. $1,000 or less), you’ll want to stick to cosmetic changes, such as maybe some new fixtures or a new sink. If you have more to spend, you can focus on larger changes, such as adding tile, a bigger shower, or a window.

How Is Your Bathroom Used?

Before you jump into knocking down walls, take some time to think about how your bathroom is being used currently and how you would like it to be used in the future. What kind of size is your space? Is it simply your own bathroom, a guest bathroom, or a family room?

Priority List and Wish List

A useful idea is to create a list to work from. For instance, are you looking to just add some new single-handle faucets and a vanity unit,  but would in the future like to add a wet room or a beautiful freestanding bath?

Also remember that although the style and beauty of your new bathroom features are incredibly important, your bathroom remodels in time for your holiday guests should also be functional for your ongoing lifestyle.

Total Remodel or a Festive Sparkle?

Once you have an idea of what you want, it’s time to figure out how to get there. Sometimes a whole bathroom overhaul isn’t necessary, maybe you could just consider swapping around any current fixtures you have in order to create a new bathroom space.

Adding details like vintage rugs, art, new lighting fixtures, or even a new paint color can also give your bathroom a new look and provide a relaxing and attractive space for your holiday guests.

Updating smaller items such as light fixtures, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawer pulls can be achieved for a relatively small investment. These items may seem insignificant, but updating them can make a big difference in your bathroom’s overall look.

Make a list of important items you would like to tackle.
  • Heated floors
  • Freestanding or new bath
  • New lighting fixtures
  • Heated towel rails
  • Add a vanity unit
  • Towel rack
  • Drawer pulls
  • The whole bathroom remodel

“Updating smaller items such as light fixtures, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawer pulls can be achieved for a relatively small investment.”

How long will my bathroom remodel take?

Decisions like tearing down walls, rearranging plumbing, and adding new flooring require some thought, but of course, the longer those decisions take the longer your renovation will stretch.

A good working timeline to consider for your bathroom remodel is between 4-12 weeks, but it will depend on the kind of finishes, fixtures, and accessories you choose.

Each bathroom remodel is very project-specific, so don’t forget to get in touch with one of our expert designers to help you plan your bathroom remodel journey in time for the festive period.

“Each bathroom remodel is very project-specific so don’t forget to get in touch with one of our expert designers to help you plan your bathroom remodel journey in time for the festive period.”

What do I need in my bathroom?

Let’s take a look below at some ideas of fixtures to consider when remodeling your bathroom ready to wow your holiday guests.

  • Vanity units Vanities are available in a huge range of specifications and styles. You can buy off-the-shelf types and also other options which include sinks and countertops. It may that you need lots of storage, or more important to have a slimmer design to keep an airy and spacious feel to your bathroom.
The design is of course, really important, but the functionality is also an important consideration. If you require lots of counter space, it may be that you will only be able to have a drink of a certain size, so keep this in mind when choosing.

Counter space is quite important to your daily bathroom routines, so choose wisely. Make sure you have enough space for storage of important items such as hair dryers, razors, electric toothbrushes, hair curlers, etc. The outlets on vanity units are better if they are tucked away in one of the drawers, for ease of plugging in and storing your important electrical items and keeping chords out of sight.

  • Sinks and Showers Although your sink and shower, of course, need to functional, don’t forget to think of them as design elements to your overall bathroom remodel.
  • Bigger fixtures can add a glamorous touch or even a little drama to your room, by choosing striking colors to the hardware and the fixtures themselves, such as silver, elegant gold or an on-trend matte black.
  • Bathtubs Your bathtub is probably the fixture in your bathroom where you can bring the most luxury. There are so many beautiful and elegant styles and shapes to choose from, the only difficulty is choosing!

However, your bathroom size and of course, budget, will be your top considerations. The freestanding tub has recently enjoyed a renaissance. There are some simply gorgeous styles available, such as claw-foot, sleeker and more modern styles, and those in glass or porcelain finish.

If you’re looking at a tub with a shower included, a glass enclosure if your budget allows. The curtain will still work, however.

And finally…

We hope you’ve found this article useful in thinking about how to create the perfect welcoming bathroom area for your friends and loved ones during the festive period.

Don’t forget that updating or adding a bathroom to your home is a home improvement project that will add value to your home. In general, if you look to sell your home in the future, you could be looking at a return on your investment of at least 50 percent, according to HSBC.

So to start your holiday bathroom remodel project, don’t forget to get in touch and speak to one of our dedicated and talented designers, who will guarantee your home and bathroom will be perfect to give your friends and family the welcome they deserve.