See How We Created this Busy Metairie Family’s Dream Kitchen

See How We Created this Busy Metairie Family’s Dream Kitchen

Lisa’s kitchen is the heartbeat of her family’s home.

That’s not just because it’s the place where she prepares the family meals.

“It’s really where we talk and where we communicate,” Lisa says. “If we’re hanging out in our den, for example, the kids are on their phones or watching TV. In the kitchen, we’re all ‘here,’ we’re present. It’s where our talks happen.”

And in these uncertain post-pandemic days, it’s this room – carefully designed and customized from top to bottom when the family was building their home 2 years ago – that’s become invaluable.

But it wasn’t always this way.

From Tiny Kitchenette to BIG Dream Kitchen

Lisa says she has long wanted a big kitchen. But the family’s previous kitchen was, in a word, tiny.

“It was totally cramped, not a lot of storage, and overall a really tiny space,” she says.

So when the family purchased a lot next to Lisa’s mom in Metairie and embarked on building their dream home in 2018, a large custom-designed kitchen was at the top of their list.

Lisa’s interior decorator, Susie, put her in touch with Singer Designer, Vincent, with Singer’s Mid-City showroom. And the three set out to create a space that was both beautiful and highly functional for the entire family.

“I wanted a kitchen that people wanted to be in and that would truly bring us all together,” she says. “Plus, I’m always in the kitchen. It’s my favorite place!”

And with 4 hungry kids – ages 19, 17, 15, and 13, this self-described ‘Metairie Mama’ cooks a lot.

Lisa needed ample pantry and cabinet space for both functionality and convenience. She wanted a place for everything, right down to where her Keurig coffee maker sits.

Conceptualizing and Tweaking Using Our Virtual Design Software

“We planned the entire house around this kitchen,” she says, adding that it was incredibly easy to work with Vincent. He took copious measurements of the existing space dimensions, taking stock of areas for cabinetry, appliances, and a brand new glossy granite kitchen island that was a must for Lisa.

Vincent incorporated Lisa and Susie’s design notes, color preferences (clean-spa-like neutrals!), and layout ideas into a 3-D virtual design plan using Singer’s SingerSight™ Software. Lisa says the virtual design rendering really helped her envision the space and easily tweak it for a winning final design.

“It’s like a puzzle that came together,” Lisa says. “I have a spice rack in a cabinet next to my stove, a large utensil drawer within arm’s reach as I cook, and the kitchen island right behind me when I need it while I’m cooking.”

She also loves that, with so much cabinet storage and a sizable pantry, her countertops aren’t cluttered with little kitchen gadgets she has collected over the years.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

A Forward-Thinking Design That Will Last Her Well into Retirement

When building their home, Lisa and her husband wanted to design for the future. They didn’t want to make any changes or renovations as they moved into retirement.

This is their ‘forever home,’ Lisa says, and that realization did bring on a little more stress.

“When you build new, you have to make so many decisions and everything seems like a risk,” Lisa says. “You want to make sure you’re making the right decisions.”

But with Vincent and Susie’s invaluable help, the process ended up being seamless and, two years in, their family couldn’t be happier with their home and their new kitchen.

“Particularly with the pandemic, with everyone being home all the time, it’s been a huge benefit to have this kitchen and this space for the family,” Lisa adds.

Last year was Lisa’s first time hosting Christmas dinner for her family. Her mother, who regularly hosted holidays, was happy to pass the torch. Lisa shared with us that she hosted & cooked the special meal for a total of 29 relatives – and it went off without a hitch!

She looks forward to hosting many more holiday gatherings in her kitchen of dreams.

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