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Singer Kitchens Islands That Will Inspire You: “Best Of” Edition

Kitchen islands are a wonderful way to get more use out of your kitchen. They maximize the available space and provide an open, functional atmosphere in which you can cook with ease while also enjoying social time spent together preparing food or entertaining guests!

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just looking for a little inspiration, you’re sure to find what you need in this roundup of our kitchen islands. These beautiful and functional islands will help you create a space that is both stylish and efficient.

So take a look and get inspired!

What You Need for a Kitchen Island

How much space do you need for a kitchen island?

Many people wonder what dimensions they need to have a kitchen island; A minimum of 36 inches  of walkway is needed around any island.

More space should be added for the functioning of appliances and seating as well. We recommend 12 inches of overhang for leg room for stools and 24 inches of width for each seat.

Why Do You Need a Kitchen Island? 

Kitchen islands are a great way to maximize your kitchen space and give it some personality. You can use your kitchen island for extra storage, as a cleaning center, a food prep area, or even a cooking space.

We’ve seen our clients request organization solutions for multipurpose kitchen islands like lazy susans, roll-out pantry trays, and deep kitchen and freezer drawers. We’ve even seen clients request kitchen islands to simply brighten up their kitchen floors and walls!

In fact, let’s see some of our best uses of kitchen islands!

Staff Favorite: The Lawson Family’s Waterfall Kitchen Island

For the Lawson Family, they wanted to have a mid-century, modern kitchen to make it more open and bright for entertaining guests.

Cat, one of our designers, introduced the concept of a waterfall island. The waterfall island added more countertop for food prep space, more seating, and helped tie together the overall kitchen design.

The island features an engineered quartz countertop cascading down the end facing the living room, adding a polished look to the kitchen space. The other end of the island features a standard overhang of the quartz countertop, allowing for extra seating and gathering.

Staff Favorite: Robert and Kim’s Soaring Quartz Kitchen Island 

Robert and Kim’s goal was to have a functional, minimalist trend reflecting throughout their kitchen. Importantly, the couple wanted to have ample prep and counter space for their kitchen remodel.

As part of the minimalist kitchen design, we added a soaring quartz kitchen island with bar seating and a smart built-in microwave into the island.

“We kind of have to pinch ourselves,” Robert said. “We couldn’t be happier with the functionality of our kitchen. It’s laid out perfectly, it flows perfectly, and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

Staff Favorite: George and Georgia’s Contemporary Kitchen Island 

When George and Georgia purchased a waterfront lot in Slidell’s Clipper Estates, the couple had  a concrete design for their dream home and kitchen – modern and contemporary.

They received a large kitchen island with added seating for easy come-and-go entertaining as part of their kitchen design. The island’s waterfall design had a metal apron frame to support an extended overhang & allowed for more legroom.

We also added fabric for additional texture on the back of the island and slide-out power strips on the kitchen island for convenience.

Maximize Your Kitchen Space with Singer Kitchens!  

Both stylish and functional, kitchen islands are the foundation of any cooking space. If you want to upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen, adding a kitchen island is the fastest and easiest route to success.

Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping centerpiece for your kitchen or simply want more counter and storage space, an island is the perfect way to go. We can’t wait to help you create your dream kitchen—including the perfect island for all your cooking and baking needs.

Contact us or call us to schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms!