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Singer Kitchens Talks 2020 Design Trends with St. Charles Magazine

A recent article in St. Charles Avenue magazine discusses the best in current home design trends. 

The article features quotes and tips from local experts in the Interior Design space, including our very own VP of Sales, Nancy Christopher. 

In the article, Nancy shares her expertise in kitchen design and what trends she has noticed are on the rise. Read below what she had to say:

“At Singer Kitchens, VP of Sales Nancy Christopher notes similar trends in cabinets and states that warm whites and various shades of grey are the most requested colors currently, though naval blue and forestry green are quickly gaining popularity. She notes that the shapes of cabinet doors are simpler today with shaker and slab doors being the most popular choices. 

“Less ornate pieces are being requested while the drama is being created in the mixing of the textures,” says Christopher. “Two- and even three-toned kitchens are prevalent today,” she says. 

She describes dark islands as the oft-central feature with contrasting light-painted cabinet surrounds. Reclaimed wood then brings in a natural element through custom hoods, beams and floating shelves.

“The mixing of metals is another fun way to layer the look,” says Christopher. “A combination of rose gold, warm brass, and matte blacks are now seen in the handles, light fixtures and plumbing.”

While kitchen countertops and vanities were once the main use of stone slabs, a trend toward floor-to-ceiling stone has quickly grown, with natural stone slabs being used to wrap surfaces such as fireplace walls, kitchen hoods, shower walls and more.”

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