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Are you considering remodeling your small kitchen? You’re probably familiar with the challenges… having limited space to solve the big needs of today’s modern living which starts in your kitchen.

Small kitchens are surprisingly common in and around metro New Orleans. From condos in the French Quarter to patio homes on the Northshore, our team has over 90 years of experience helping homeowners remodel their small kitchens to give them the space and functionality they want all with a design they love.

Big Dreams Are Possible In Small Kitchens

Louisiana is known for having unique homes and apartments, particularly in New Orleans and Mandeville (condos, loft apartments, and garden-style homes). Although these places typically have small spaces — in this case, kitchens — it is their unique character that makes them an appealing place to live. 

The charm of these small kitchens can be beautiful. What is not beautiful are cluttered countertops, very little custom cabinet space, and no place to store kitchen items. 

In some ways, a small kitchen renovation is the same as a big one, but on a smaller canvas. Small kitchen renovations allow us to apply a unique approach when it comes to maximizing organization solutions. 

Here are some of our small kitchen remodeling solutions: 

  • Custom cabinetry to increase storage
  • Maximizing space such as a lazy susan or roll-out shelves 
  • Finding areas to scale down to maximize the space in your kitchen

Most of these places can have a kitchen that can be as small as 500 square feet. We have done hundreds of small kitchen remodels in kitchens with less than 200 square feet, like with our clients Rudy and Sherree.

Get Kitchen Design Inspiration and Visit One of Our Showrooms

When you’re ready to start your home improvement project, NOTHING beats a visit to one of our showrooms in New Orleans or Mandeville!

Coming to our showroom lets you see and feel the cabinets & countertops you can choose from. You’ll be able to test the doors, see how the hinges work, evaluate backsplash tiles, study the countertops & anything else you need to help you decide.

Plus, you’ll get the help of our friendly & experienced staff in making the best selections for your budget!

And with our exclusive SingerSight™ software, we can show you in 3-D exactly how your new kitchen will look before you buy. Our software lets you participate interactively in the design process with our experts. 

Contact us to schedule a private showroom to visit where you can see the latest in design trends. You can touch & feel top-quality materials and get professional design help at no charge!

What We'll Give You at Singer Kitchens

Our small kitchen remodeling services include: 

  • Well-crafted kitchen cabinets, countertops, and hardware
  • Free kitchen design services
  • Selection assistance
  • In-house renovation contractors
  • Flexible financing

Singer Kitchens is here to guide you through remodeling your small kitchen!

Also, get a copy of our Free Kitchen Design Secrets! This will show you the design secrets professionals use to create beautiful AND highly functional kitchens!

Get Started On Your Small Kitchen Remodeling

Are you ready to update or remodel your small kitchen into a dream space? Our amazing designers are ready to help you every step of the way from consultation to finished project.

When you are ready to go from a small kitchen and turn it into a spacious work of art, you can contact us at (504) 608-4982 for a free design consultation. You can also email us at