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Transforming a dark 80s style kitchen to modern, open & bright

Our client was officially over her 80s-feeling kitchen: a dark, mismatched, outdated mess.

It was closed off and claustrophobic. Dreary.

Dark wooden cabinets which felt overwhelming.

No natural light.

Making matters worse? Her husband is a professional chef. And the couple loves to have people over to share a meal and entertain… something that was almost impossible to do in their current kitchen.

She wanted a change. But she didn’t know where to start.

After all, how do you go from dreary, dated and dark to open, modern and bright?

Your ideas. Our expertise! 

Tired of 80s Living

For years, our clients wanted desperately to update things in their kitchen which nagged them every time they entered the room:

  • Their kitchen was too dark
  • Poor lighting with just two harsh fluorescent spotlights
  • Dark brown wooden cabinets
  • Dated gray countertop and matching gray island countertop
  • Mis-matched white paneling around the island & cream-colored linoleum floor

Those things had to go.

And while we were at it, we suggested replacing the sterling silver appliances which stuck out like sore thumbs against the older background.


Upgrading to Modern & Open

Today’s kitchens are the opposite of 70s/80s designs.

They’re open and airy. Centerpieces of our homes where we spend most of our time together.

Our client wanted that feeling. She wanted more light. Clean lines. Open space. Better access to storage.

She wanted to enjoy cooking and socializing in her kitchen.

But she didn’t know how to transform what she had into what she wanted.

That’s where our team came in.

After visiting our showroom for design inspiration, we visited her home to take photos and measurements.

Soon, we presented several design renderings which they loved.

And before long, her new kitchen went from dream to reality!

Some of the amazing changes include:

  • Opening the space by taking out a wall
  • Seamlessly connecting the kitchen to the dining room
  • Adding stacked cabinets for a cleaner look & more storage
  • Building a large island with a cooktop & ample seating.
  • Adding a buffet by the dining table! When it is not in use, it makes a great storage spot for kitchen odds and ends.

Make Your Dreams a Reality

Kitchens are no longer just places to cook.

They used to be, but not anymore.

And transforming your space from dull and dreary to modern and open doesn’t have to be difficult.

Just ask our client:

Holly and her team were creative and professional. They transformed our 80s kitchen from a dark eyesore to a bright, modern dream.

From concept to completion, they communicated every step of the way. I highly recommend Singer Kitchens!

Whether you are upgrading, downsizing, or simply modernizing, give us a call today and let us help you design and build your dream kitchen!