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Uptown New Orleans Kitchen Renovation Creates a Meaningful Gathering Place within Budget

Uptown New Orleans homes, while gorgeously vintage and widely sought-after, can often be limited in their renovation and design options. From the iconic shotgun-style homes to picturesque raised cottages and double-gallery houses standing tall – many Uptown homes were built in the mid-century right when the open-floor concept living space was taking off, but had yet to touch the tiny kitchens of the era.


We recently helped the Lawson Family, an Uptown New Orleans couple, transform their mid-century kitchen into a mid-century modern masterpiece! The project has brought an open, spacious feel to the couple’s kitchen while better defining their space and bolstering their love of entertaining.

Here’s how we did it.

The Goal: An Open, Brighter Kitchen for Meaningful Gathering

One of our amazing in-house designers, Cat Kennedy gave us all the juicy details on this eye-popping transformation.

“My Uptown clients loved to entertain, but often felt tucked away from their guests because of their siloed floor plan. They really wanted to connect their kitchen and living spaces to allow for socializing with their guests while cooking and prepping,” Cat said. “The goal was to have an open, brighter kitchen for meaningful gatherings.”

The Lawson Family also sought to streamline the functionality of their kitchen to what it was always meant for – FOOD! Their kitchen originally housed the washer and dryer, doubling as a laundry room, and was light on storage space for pots, pans, dishes and pantry staples.

We chose to relocate key appliances like the refrigerator, cooktop, and range to create a freer-flowing traffic pattern when meal prepping and hosting gatherings. Cat also introduced her clients to the idea of a waterfall island, which would add additional countertop and food prep space, more seating, and – with just the right look – help tie together the design of their new kitchen.

Cat and her clients got to work!

Using SingerSight™ During the Design Process

Cat’s clients initially had trouble visualizing how their ideas and the completed renovation would play out in their space. Enter SingerSight™ Software, our interactive 3-D software that allows designers and clients to test out renovation scenarios and see first-hand what they would look like.

Using the design software during their consultations, Cat was able to show the couple how their renovation would come to life. From testing out layout changes in the floor plan to design choices in cabinetry, countertops, and in their new waterfall island – the couple confidently made their choices.

The Final Result – A Mid-Century Modern Kitchen of Dreams

As Cat explained, the clients ultimately decided to remove a kitchen wall that was adjacent to their living room, which helped connect the spaces and allowed more room for family and friends to gather in the kitchen. They moved their cooktop range from the side of the kitchen to the edge to kitchen, which meant that the chef would be in the center of the room when cooking to allow for better socializing. The clients also decided to relocate their washer and dryer and replace them with the refrigerator and a newly constructed pantry to allow for extra food storage and make the kitchen truly all about the food (not the laundry!).

The final piece tying the space together was the beautiful waterfall island in the center of the kitchen, which was added both for functionality and a unified appearance. The island features an engineered quartz countertop cascading down the end facing the living room to give a polished look to the kitchen space. The other end features a standard overhang of the quartz countertop, allowing for extra seating and gathering.

Working Within Budget to Meet Renovation Goals

As with all of her clients, Cat remained cognizant of the couple’s budget needs while also dreaming up design and product selection ideas that would fit within their goals.

“My clients had their hearts set on the beautiful marbled engineered quartz countertop for the waterfall island,” Cat explained. “It cost a little more, so we prioritized that element and worked to find less expensive cabinetry that would complement the look of the space while remaining in their budget.”

The clients were also able to save a few dollars by installing their cabinets as a DIY project.

“We’ll do as little or as much as you’d like us to do,” Cat explained. “At Singer, we’re committed to making your ideal renovation a reality while working within your financial needs.”

Singer also offers interest-free financing options for clients interested in taking that route.

Cat’s clients now relish their new kitchen and love how it’s changed their lifestyle. They tell Cat that the renovation has fueled truly memorable family and friend gatherings and likely will for years to come.

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