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Wall Beds For Small Spaces

Wall Beds For Small Spaces

Wall Beds For Small Spaces Were Designed With Functionality In Mind.

Also known as a Murphy bed, it is ideal for multi-use rooms and spaces. The inventor, William Murphy, created this bed so his one-room apartment could double as a parlor for entertaining family and friends. Wall beds for small spaces made this possible.

As the name implies, a wall bed can fold up and down from the wall. When it’s up, it can be ‘camouflaged’ as a panel. When it goes down, it transforms into a made-up and comfortable bed.

What Are The Advantages Of Wall Beds?

  • The most obvious advantage is saving space. Wall beds are ideal for apartments or condominium units where space is limited. It can also be useful in larger residential spaces. It helps you create a multi-functional room. If you have a study room or home office, installing a wall bed allows you to transform it into a guest room, as needed. You only need to put it down when there’s a guest. Otherwise, space can be used for other purposes.

It is also a good option for a kid’s room. During the day, the extra space can be a play or study area. At night, kids are ‘compelled’ to clean up to make space for the bed.

  • A wall bed is just as comfortable as a conventional bed. For temporary sleeping arrangements, it offers better comfort than a pull-out sofa bed or an air mattress.
  • A wall bed is customizable. You can have it in different sizes and wood finishes. It can be customized to include other functional features. Wall beds with a desk, wall beds with storage and wall beds with a table are popular options. For wall beds with a desk or table, you can even add lighting to make it convenient for reading or working.

And it’s not just the function that you can customize. You can also opt for wall beds that match the aesthetics of your unit or house.

  • An expertly installed wall bed can add value to your property. It’s a multi-purpose space saver that buyers or tenants will appreciate.

Wall Bed Ideas, Tips And Reminders 

  • Determine how much you space you have before deciding on the size of the bed. With a wall bed, you can still opt for something as big as a queen size.
  • When choosing a bed frame, consider the frequency of usage. An aluminum frame would be ideal for daily, heavy-duty use.
  • Wall beds are safe to use. You won’t get trapped in the bed, like what you sometimes see in movies and comic sketches. It will also not fold up without your control. To check if your wall bed is properly installed, make sure it is firmly rooted to the ground. There should be no space between the legs and the floor. 

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