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Fall is the perfect time to remodel your kitchen with Singer Kitchens

When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen After Summer?

When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen? Here’s the Guide

We get asked this question often: “When is the best time to remodel my kitchen?” Since the kitchen is such a highly utilized part of the home, it almost seems like there’s never a good time.

But it needs doing, so in the article, we’re going to discuss the best time of year and how to go about getting it done. Timing, advice, preparation and planning, layouts, types, and features.

Let’s take a brief look as to why fall is a good time to remodel your kitchen, and why we like fall.

When is the best time to remodel your kitchen?

Fall is the perfect time to begin a kitchen remodeling project. The late summer and early fall light make it easy to decide on your color scheme, and it’s exciting to imagine celebrating in your new kitchen over the seasonal holidays. It’s also possible to take advantage of any end of season offers.

Fall is a really popular time of year to have major work done to your kitchen too. In the long summer days and evenings, you can take advantage of the plentiful natural light to choose your decor scheme so that you’re ready to start your kitchen remodeling project once fall rolls around.

Another reason fall is a good idea to give the heart of your home a facelift is so you can ensure all the major work is completed before the holiday season.

It’s wonderful to be able to show off your beautifully remodeled cooking and dining space to your guests over Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas! It can be exciting to begin to imagine preparing your seasonal celebration meals on your lovely new cabinetry, countertops and enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones in your newly designed dining space.

Taking an empty shell of a room and transforming it into a kitchen is a complicated task that needs careful planning if the new space is to be a success. Let’s take a look below on some advice on how to get your kitchen remodeling project off to a flying start and ready before the end of fall!

Expert Advice on How to Design a Kitchen?

Whether your current kitchen is outdated and in need of a refresh, or you’re designing a kitchen having the important areas covered in designing your kitchen is a priority.

When planning a redesign of your kitchen during the fall, your mind is already leaning in the direction of holiday events and meals making it the perfect time to design a kitchen that meets all of your entertainment needs.

And by “design”, we don’t just mean concentrating on your kitchen’s looks or cabinetry style! Planning your kitchen storage options and practicalities such as lighting, flooring and other essential elements are paramount to the success of your remodeled project.

Why Your Kitchen Needs Careful Planning

Kitchens used to be workspaces that were hidden from view, but today they’re working spaces, in which one whole family spends huge amounts of time. Not only do they need to offer the preparation and cooking facilities that suit how you live, eat and enjoy your family time together, but also a stylish space to enjoy being in.

With many homes offering open plan areas that harmonize both your eating and cooking, it’s important to think about how to seamlessly bring the decor together into one space.

Planning ahead is vitally important if you wish to successfully design a kitchen that fulfills all your food preparation, cooking and dining needs and those of your family.

How to Plan Your Kitchen’s Design and Layout

How you approach the planning of your new kitchen largely depends on the size of the room itself and the budget you have. Is yours an open-plan kitchen-diner the whole family can gather in, are you designing a small kitchen to be space-saving? Maybe you are looking at creating a stylish kitchen on a budget? It could be that your kitchen part of a larger project, for instance, such as a whole-house renovation.

List the Features You Want in Your Kitchen

One of the first important considerations when planning your kitchen is deciding on the elements you want to include. Take a look below at our handy list to check off any important ones you are keen to add to your kitchen remodel and to make sure you have everything you need to create a successful kitchen area.

  • Base units
  • Kitchen sink
  • Island
  • Glazed kitchen display units
  • Kitchen island seating
  • Breakfast bar
  • Kitchen wall units
  • Utility room
  • Faucets or boiling water Faucet
  • Bi-fold or sliding doors
  • Ceiling or downdraught extractor
  • Dining area
  • Hob
  • Ovens
  • Living area
  • Underfloor heating
  • Pantry storage

Now that we’ve looked at some important considerations of the items you would like to include in your kitchen project, let’s take a look below at some common kitchen shapes to give you a little more help when planning your fall kitchen project.

Types of Kitchen Design

Galley kitchen

Galley kitchens work well with a single run of units along one wall, or a double galley, which has a second run directly opposite. If you have an open space, an island may work well leaving the main run of units on an exterior wall.

A galley is a really efficient working space. In a double galley, it may work well to put the sink opposite the hob and add in the worktop spaces either side of the hob.

In a small area such as a galley, too many wall units can make space feel a little cramped. Open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets will add to an illusion of space.

U-shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is a very common kitchen design with units generally positioned around three walls to make a U shape. You can form a really effective working triangle by adding the hob, sink, and fridge on each of the units runs.

This shape is especially useful if you need plenty of work surface, but don’t have space for an island. However, in a larger kitchen, you could add in an island at the center of the ‘U’

L-shaped Kitchen

Generally, in an L-shaped kitchen, your units will be on two walls. A good suggestion for a working area is to add a sink on one wall, perfect if that wall contains a window, then add your hob and fridge on each of the other two walls.

Make sure you leave enough area for food preparation either side of your hob in your L-shaped kitchen.

Our Free Design Service

We will give you an overview of how your gorgeous new kitchen will take shape and help you to coordinate any of the work necessary, such as other contractors, and how to include other items such as your appliances and the flooring.

Singer Kitchens has an extensive selection of cabinets, appliances, countertops, and accessories to help you achieve your goal. Our experienced design experts will assist you throughout the process – from custom designs to financing to deliver a professional installation.

That means you’ll have confidence, one point of contact and the kitchen of your dreams for less than you imagined.

Here at Singer Kitchens, our expert kitchen designers will work with you

and help turn your dream kitchen into a reality”.

How Long Will It Take?

Your journey from Pinterest kitchen envy to your final design and ultimately your new remodeled kitchen will take usually between 6 and 10 weeks. Fall is the best time to remodel your kitchen, to ensure that the kitchen is ready for holiday parties.

With some jobs within the project dependent on other areas of the work being completed first. Make sure you give yourself enough time to do any work you’ve decided to do yourself.

It’s also important to make sure you allow enough time to get your project completed for any deadlines you require if you’ve decided to hand the whole process over to our expert designers.

This will allow you to consult with your designer and make any changes you’ve decided to add in or remove from your project. Sometimes once your kitchen starts to take shape, it could be you have realized that an item you thought would work, is now not looking like such a practical or attractive option.

Our specialist and experienced designers here at Singer will guide you every step of the way and help you to visualize your final kitchen. Give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to help!