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You’ll be green with envy when you see this before & after kitchen

People are obsessed with this Green Kitchen renovation that we just completed. More importantly, so is our client!

At first, she wasn’t so sure about the green. In fact, she told us choosing a bold color felt a little scary.

And it wasn’t just the color decision that scared her, it was making decisions for the entire renovation. From changing out the cabinets to choosing a new layout to solving old storage problems, she wanted to be confident that her new kitchen would be done right.

Our client confided in us: “If I were to do this on my own, all those decisions would have overwhelmed me. But working with Singer gave me the confidence to pull it off!”

When Opportunity Blows In

Like many of us in southern Louisiana, Hurricane Ida left the client’s kitchen in shambles but she knew this was her chance to change things about her kitchen that had been bugging her for years:

  • Her old kitchen was dark & dated
  • The layout of her kitchen was full of dead space & unusable storage
  • The door on her lazy Susan cabinet wouldn’t fully open.
  • Drawers that housed her pots and pans were falling apart
  • Her silverware drawer frequently slipped of the track

Our designer, Cat, pointed out that the client had narrow cabinets which caused additional storage problems.

But the biggest complaint was that our client didn’t enjoy being in her kitchen because it just didn’t have the right feel. It had become so non-functional that cooking wasn’t fun anymore.


Going All the Way

Our client knew she wanted to do something different with her new kitchen design; she just wasn’t sure what that was.  Our designer, Cat, was able to help her by showing her all her options together in one design.

She gravitated toward the all-natural, outdoor feeling of the color green which continues the theme of the green and yellow stained-glass windows that adorn the front of the house. This feeling is reflected back through her custom drapes and outdoor shutters.

Some of her boldest renovation choices included:

  • Stacked wall cabinets to the 12 foot ceiling
  • Built in the refrigerator
  • Cut down the bar wall and added a waterfall countertop
  • Replaced the microwave hood above the range with an undercounter microwave drawer in the island.
  • Added some personal touches with cool lighting, a new backsplash and a butcherblock top.


The result? Here are a few quotes from the client:

“Cooking is more of a joy – it’s just so fun!”

“Everything about it is more delightful!”

“I’ve been eating at my peninsula every night for dinner.”

“I love staring at my kitchen.”

Her advice for those seeking a similar transformation?

“You don’t need to waste time and cut corners when it comes to your kitchen. You want it done right. Call the professionals at Singer Kitchens.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and we’re over the moon that you love your new kitchen so much!